Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward (London Olympics)

A submission to this week’s photo challenge Reward. Taken at the Olympic Park in Stratford in 2012. We visited on the first Thursday of the games, which was the day when the Gold Rush started for Great Britain. We had a fabulous day in the park even though we were never able to secure tickets to the event.

On that day we visited the coca cola exhibit. Whist there they had a policy of issuing a collectors edition bottle every time GB won a medal and whilst we were inside Chris Hoy won his Gold. At the top of the exhibit we had the opportunity to be photographed with the Olympic Torch.



2 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward (London Olympics)

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  2. Great photos! What a lovely family commemoration of that special event in UK history! Not everyone gets to hold the Olympic Torch and in years hence your children might be tempted to spin a yarn to their grandchildren!


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