Rubondo Retrospective: Game Drive/Long Drive

Another early start for our third and last day on Rubondo as we embarked on a morning game drive. A chance first to catch the sunrise.

We had arranged for two vehicles to drive us around the island. We were in search of the exotic (Chimps, Elephant, Giraffe) all resident on the island.

Our first encounters were fleeting glimpses of waterbuck, roadside monkeys, the odd bird and loads of butterflies (elusive to photo as ever!). Then we came across a hippo grazing on land, not the first hippo we had seen but the closes we had been to one on dry land. Here it was, surrounded by swooping swallows, quite unperturbed by our presence.


Leaving the hippo we headed along overgrown roads in search of elephants, we got close and could hear them trumpeting close by, but never saw them, sadly.


We stopped by the coast and photographed the bird life before heading off in search of giraffe, all we saw was more bushbuck. At a small settlement we stopped once more and observed some tame bushbuck and marabou storks. The giraffes were up in the hills and were not going to be coming down.

As we approached the end of our drive we had seen hippos, monkeys, waterbuck, butterflies and birds but little else not even a Sitatunga. So a final diversion via the airport to glimpse the elusive antelope then home.

On arrival it was time to pack up and head out. We had had an enjoyable time on the island.

The boat trip was only an hour coming back and then we were on the road, passing pineapple plantations and bikes loaded with the fruits. On route we learned that the Busisi Ferry was now running, allowing us to drive tarmac from Geita to Mwanza. This shortened our journey time considerably. At the ferry port we passengers disembarked and our drivers waited with the cars. The way things work is that buses and lorries take priority over cars, such that our driver ( a colleague) had to wait back and catch the next ferry. Luckily the wait was not too long and we were soon back on the road to Mwanza, the end of a great three days away.

4 responses to “Rubondo Retrospective: Game Drive/Long Drive

  1. Just caught up on your blog! Looks like you all had a great time 🙂 Where are your next adventures taking you??? TRAL

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    • Thinking about circumnavigating the Lake (Bukoba, Entebbe, Kampala, Jinja, Mbale, Kisumu, Musoma) with a possible diversion to Murchison Falls and other places of interest. All in the planning stage at the moment.


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  3. I’ve never seen a bushbuck using a termite mound as a look-out post, very unique photo!

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