Today is the beginning of Lent, which is the run up to Easter. Although I am a Christian I don’t always do Lent which is quite a traditional ‘celebration’, in which Christians give up some form of indulgence. In history they gave up eggs, fats and milk as part of preparing for Easter. The process called ‘shriving’ gives rise to Shrove Tuesday and the eating of Pancakes, which used up the surplus eggs, milk and fats in advance.
Although I don’t always partake I have in the past given up sugar in tea and coffee (something with which I persisted after Easter, having become accustomed to the taste) and crisps and biscuits (which I didn’t continue after Easter).
This year Anita and I have both decided to give up alcohol, principally beer. Here in Mwanza we drink more alcohol than when we were in the UK, never to excess but even so enough to add sugar to the diet which has meant I, in particular, have maintained rather than lost weight. We intend to restrict ourselves, where possible to low calorie sodas or water in place of alcohol, so we don’t replace one form of sugar with another. Not easy here as most soda is ‘sugar full’, but we’ll try. Going tee-total is definitely going to be hard but worth it in the end.




A year ago this was what we were posting

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