Mysterious Whooping

Outside of my classroom for several days now there has been a mysterious sound. Repetitive, loud, almost mechanical I originally thought it was far away but today it seemed much closer. Intrigued as I was I took a recording.

Here it is

So what was it – I wondered if it might be a monkey? A student suggested it might be an owl. It turned out to be something altogether smaller

IMG_1013It’s called a Speckled Pigeon and although I took this photo several weeks ago in the tree outside my classroom – it’s undoubtedly the same bird. I saw it in the eves above my room (chest inflated and whooping – sadly no picture). Mystery solved.

Postscript – a less mysterious sound!
Incidentally this sounds above are a jolly sight nicer than the Ranting Preacher we have had to endure this past week (think Tanzanian Ian Paisley on steroids). I say this as a fellow Christian but there is only so much Fire and Brimstone you can take and he sounds so angry.

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