Noise: Not A Fan Get A Fan

When we first moved to Tanzania one of the first things we purchased was a large fan for each room. It was hot and the night’s were unbearable.
We had had fans in the UK but these were far too unwieldy to pack and so we sold and or dumped them (one was very broken).
As the year wore on we got more accustomed to the heat. We stopped using the fan! It was cooler so we should have slept better but it wasn’t to be.

We found ourselves laying awake at night listening to loud music or the dogs barking. Several all night celebrations followed – weddings in the local community would go on for hours – one such party stopping at 8am when there was a power cut!
Then one night it was a little hotter and the fan went on again – lo and behold the sound of the nearby party disappeared, replaced by the low hum of the fan which was cancelling out the noise. A solution to our problems. There is some science to back this up. The fan generates white noise which provides consistency of sound across all frequencies – thus aiding sleep. You can even get an app to help you if you can’t get a real fan (as my brother informed me only last week).
So if you’re not a fan of late night noise get a fan!


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