Little Things

Little things can mean a lot here and when you lose them you realise how far you are from home.
this afternoon disaster struck as I went to make a cup of coffee I knocked the cafetière which smashed to smithereens. In Britain it would just be a trip to Tesco and a day’s wait but here in Mwanza, I have yet to see one here for sale in over 5 months and so now need to think of how we can get one across and in tact. We have loaned a different kind of coffee maker to friends and will now have to reclaim it, even so it’s not as convenient as my cafetière and I have not been able to get as strong a cup as I like from it. Instant coffee is rubbish here and filter coffee was a bit of a luxury – funny how you hold on to little things when living in a foreign land.


2 responses to “Little Things

  1. Sorry to hear about that, bro. 😦 Hope something can be sourced soon.


  2. Ah… we’re also human. And emotionally respond to the loss of something rather than appreciating it when we have it. Good luck in finding a replacement!


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