Bra Alley and Beyond!

Bra Alley is the colloquial name used by expats to describe the alleyway leading to and from the market. On Sunday’s this whole area becomes the fruit and veg market but on Saturdays the area is transformed into the clothes market and the alleyway festooned with bras for sale – hence the name.










5 responses to “Bra Alley and Beyond!

  1. is this where lots of donated charity clothes end up? CKE has always said clothes in the Gambia are in plentiful supply … but things like school supplies are far more expensive.


  2. I s’pose you could describe your walk down that road as ‘going from A to B (or E)’!. It reminds me of a road in South Island, New Zealand (between Wannaka and Arrowtown) which for a few yards is bordered by a fence known as ‘Bra Fence’. Originally started as a joke but now a landmark in the guide books because of the bras festooning it. And the amazing thing is, it’s right out in the middle of nowhere!

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  3. Is there a “cup” for the winning bra?!! Lol

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  4. Must be quite an uplifting walk!

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