Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot

As we reach the dog end of January – one thing is clear – the temperature is on the rise! Here in Mwanza the thermometer has risen from a pleasant 25-26°C to 30°-32°C which might not seem much but is making a difference. It is less cloudy too and a lot less rainy. Apparently it will continue until the Long Rains in March – April.

I do like the heat and appreciate it’s a lot hotter than those of you in the “cold north”, even so I was getting used to the mid-20s so I am wilting under the extra heat in long trousers day after day.
In honour of the new temperatures some of my Heat related iTunes – all on my iPod (honestly!)

Level 42 – Hot Water

Power Station – Some Like It Hot

Billy Idol – Hot In The City

The Cure – Hot! Hot! Hot!

Glen Frey – The Heat Is On

Style Council – Long Hot Summer

Katy Perry – Hot ‘n’ Cold

DJ Fresh ft Rita Ora – Hot Right Now

Arrow – Hot Hot Hot

3 responses to “Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot

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  3. By comparison – here is the temp for Britain almost 40°C cooler at times.


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