Growing Avocado

You can get a lot of fresh fruit and veg in town, even though it’s cheap it would be even better if we could grow some of it our own. So following advice from Liz wife of Julian ( a colleague) on how to grow an avocado.
Firstly slice an avocado in half and remove the stone.2015/01/img_0922-0.jpg
Pierce with three cocktail sticks at equidistant points and suspend over water (a decapitated plastic bottle will do) flattish side down. We shall leave it to see what happens.


I’ll post how this goes over the next few weeks and months.
It will eventually grow into a tree although I will probably be long gone by then.

Here is a photo of next door’s tree.


7 responses to “Growing Avocado

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  5. We’ll watch this space with interest! How old is next door’s tree?


  6. I’ve heard about being ‘stoned’, but you are taking it to a new level.

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