Village Visit: Return Journey

Having spent a whole day in Nkome village, it was time to return to Mwanza.  The bus leaves at 5am, so as it is still dark at that time, we took a motorbike ride from our host’s home to the centre of Nkome at 4:30 am – as it’s not safe to walk at night.  We arrived in good time and took the 5am bus hoping to catch the 9am ferry to Mwanza.  However, the trip was not that straight forward.

I’ve put a video together to show what happened…..


3 responses to “Village Visit: Return Journey

  1. Wow! Incredible experiences but I guess what could well be a regular occurrence once out in the more remote areas following the prolonged wet season. Just shows how resourceful and determined the driver and the other men were to get the bus and the mini-bus free! 🙂 And of course you made it back! 🙂


  2. What a saga! Reminds me of the nursery action story – ‘We’re going on a Journey’ with the refrain ‘Can’t get under it, can’t get through it’! Glad you eventually made it home safe and sound!


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