Prep is a concept I hadn’t really heard of before I came out here. It’s a term associated with the independent Sector of Education and here refers to the time given over to Homework for the Boarding Students. Each day (Monday to Thursday) there is a Prep session after school. On a Saturday Morning there is a Prep session for 90mins. Teaching staff here are expected to assist with such duties at some point in the year. As I don’t have a car and as weekday prep finishes after dark the options were limited and so I have volunteered to help out on Saturdays once a fortnight.
This morning was my first Prep session which commenced at 8:30am. Arriving at the Boarding House at 8:25am I met with the Boarding Matron and collected the key to the Library. The students were just finishing up breakfast and then I walked the younger ones to the school a few metres away. The older ones made their own way.
The students settled quietly to task, reading, doing homework, using the computers and in a calm atmosphere with low level chat they got on. It really was a very pleasant atmosphere and enabled me to get on with exam marking in relative peace – so different to cover or homework clubs in the UK! In no time the session finished and so I walked the students back to the Boarding House, before returning to school to assist in Saturday School.

One response to “Prep

  1. Must be so nice to be able to enjoy supervising a class of students who actually want to get on with their work! And the Saturday school must be so great for youngsters who wouldn’t otherwise experience the facilities of a school like Isamilo. Keep up the good work!


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