50K Up

Just after we entered 2015 this blog passed 50,000 views. Thanks for all those who have visited from across the globe. It’s just under 11 months since our blog started back in Milton Keynes. Now I sit here in Tanzania our African Adventure entering its 5th month with so many memories already and a lot more to come.

We’ve had visitors for many countries across the world in these past 11 months. Map 2015


These are the top 26 countries shown in flags, the map shows them all. It’s not surprising that most are from the UK and Tanzania, along with the US. Good showings from Anglophone countries and Europe.

Although the map does not show it, in fact we have had visitors from China and Iran too but I assume that proxies and mobile phones may have meant they don’t register.

Blanks include Francophone Africa (including Mali, Niger and Congo DRC); Guyana, Surinam and Uruguay in South America; Panama, Honduras and Belize in Central America; Papua New Guinea and Tonga in Australasia; Montenegro and Moldova in Europe; Afghanistan, Bhutan & Myanmar in Asia. It will probably be a long time before I get some visitors from these places, but it is always interesting when a new one comes along. Recent newbies include Mauritania, Albania and Armenia. The flag counter at the side of this page gives another view of visitors.

Wherever you come from wishing you a Happy New Year for 2015 – thanks for coming – Karibuni!


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