It’s mock exam fortnight here at Isamilo. Week one has just ended and week two follows. With two year 11 groups It has meant a lighter week’s timetable but with it has come the most dreaded task of a teacher
it’s not the exam marking although that can be a chore. It’s the invigilation. In the UK, at least in my last school we did not invigilate. In fact it may be nearly a decade since I have Invigilated an external exam. There are many many positives to reaching here – one being the fact that I only teach 23 students in two classes! But here one of the downsides is that there are no externally appointed invigilators so it falls to teachers to invigilate.invigilation is mind numbing – there is nothing to do but sit and stare at the students for hour upon hour. I have done 3.5 hours invigilation and on Monday I have 5 hours solid of invigorating the ICT Practical Exam. The worst part of that is the fact that Monday is actually a public holiday here and worse still it’s my birthday! I will escape the school by 2pm and go on to celebrate but my brain may be mush after 2×2.5 hours of sitting.
A few years ago I saw these sketches by British Comedy Duo Armstrong and Miller. It’s all about Exam Invigilation and what Invigilators really get up to in exams (not!)

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  1. Know how you feel, I used to invigilate motor mechanic and nursery nurse exams.

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