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Songs of Christmas: Day 24 – Merry Xmas Everybody

Each year I start playing Christmas Music from the start of December.

Each day until Christmas (in addition to my other posts) I will post a link to a video of some of the Christmas tunes on my iPod. Some will be carols, others pop songs. Here is my 24th offering:

How could I not include this one, even if I don’t like the X in Xmas!.

Day 24

Slade: Merry Xmas Everybody

I’m Dreaming of a Wet Christmas!

More of a nightmare really!

It seems that the end of the rains just a fortnight ago was a false dawn. After the heat and humidity of Zanzibar, our return to Mwanza has been a wet one. Soaked on our shopping trip yesterday today has seen probably our strongest and most persistent midday rains yet. Given tat the sun is at it’s zenith and that we are just 2°S of the equator we might expect more brightness at 2pm, yet we sit here in a Power Cut in darkness with a gas lamp for illumination. It’s dim and cold here (possibly relative cool but still cool). The rain shows no sign of stopping but we haven’t got “corn a popping” either (forgive the allusion to “Let It Snow” it is Christmas after all!)
Tomorrow’s planned Christmas Dinner is to be located in our garden but in 24 hours we might have to locate indoors if it’s anything like this.
Soon I may have to brave the rain – there are still things to do and although the shops will be open longer here – time is running out!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow Sunsets

Many of this week’s submission was also submitted in an earlier photo challenge- work of art

Sunrises and sunsets from across the globe – although red is a predominant colour, I think that yellows and golds are major components of a good sunrise/sunset