FastJet – Long Wait – Shambles!

FastJet is the name of one the carriers who fly out of Mwanza Airport to Dar Es Salaam.

We are currently here in the airport at Dar. Our flight has inexplicably been delayed with no prior warning and our flight number changed. A flight with our old number is departing but there is no space – our tickets are invalid for this flight. People might say – ah well it’s Tanzania – I think it’s just incompetence and bad service.

Here is an open letter to FastJet executive Dennis Chongolo. This has also been emailed directly.

Dear Mr Chongolo,

I am writing to complain at the issue relating to our flight FN0145 on 21st December 2014. Originally scheduled for 14:50 this flight was changed to 17:30, for which we recieved a text message on 20th October. However, today we arrived at dar Es Salaam Airport at 12 noon expecting to be able to check in in the afternoon. We had needed to take the early Zanzibar Ferry, to ensure we did not arrive late. On arrival we found our flight had been changed again to 19:15 and also our flight number. Although we had received a text telling us that telling us of the change to 17:30 we never had one to tell us of a change to 19:15. Furthermore there was a flight leaving at 14:45 with the correct flight number (FN0145) but we were not allowed to leave on it. Apparently our flight number had changed too. So we have to wait 6 hours in departure – no food or drink, nothing for my family to do. We have wasted morning of our holiday due to an administrative mess up by your company. This makes me very angry and I find it hard to imagine I will ever fly FastJet again. Your company has provided extremely poor customer service here and I expect some form of compensation. Your representative here has been unwilling to let us on the flight and reluctant to provide any real help.

Yours very unhappily.

Graham Long

6 responses to “FastJet – Long Wait – Shambles!

  1. Have you heard anything from the flight company yet?


  2. Hope you all got back OK. Sorry to hear about the flight problems 😦


  3. There’s always the bus or Precision next time, isn’t there?

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  4. Hope things settle for you quickly and the next flight is available to you. ✈️

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