Zanzibar Woes

Yet again in Tanzania we encountered the same issue as in the Serengeti – a lack of tourists. We are staying in a lovely hotel which is half empty. We went on a Reef Tour this afternoon (more later) Snd the guys taking us tell that this is supposed to be the busy time of the year.

The reason yet again is Ebola! Not it’s presence.


It is the FEAR OF EBOLA.

Westerners are being frightened off by irrational fears! Ebola is closer to London than Zanzibar and is nowhere near East Africa. Geographical ignorance is ruining the industry here. Europeans and Americans are staying away even though the risk is greater in their own countries than here. The poor people are suffering for no reason. So get out your Atlases and research properly before turning your back on a continent which could swallow USA, Europe, India and China with room to spare.

One response to “Zanzibar Woes

  1. Keep banging the drum and hopefully the world will hear !!


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