In Dar Streets

Having flown from Mwanza to Dar (Es Salaam) in just over an hour on Fast Jet we now face the slow crawl through Dar to the ferry port. Dar’s traffic jams are notorious in the region and it could well take twice as long to travel this short distance compared to our cross country flight.
The weather is hot here at seal level- more so than our mountainous home, luckily we have procured at a good rate an air conditioned van to get us there – just hoping we get there in one piece – the driving here is atrocious.
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IMG_9745.JPGIMG_9744.JPGOnce at the ferry port it’s the slow (consequently cheaper!) boat to Zanzibar, reckoned to be two and a half hours. We are seeing it as part of the holiday (much as we always did on the cross channel ferry to France!)<

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