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Songs of Christmas: Day 11 – Winter Snow

Each year I start playing Christmas Music from the start of December.

Each day until Christmas (in addition to my other posts) I will post a link to a video of some of the Christmas tunes on my iPod. Some will be carols, others pop songs. Here is my 11th offering:

Day 11

Winter Snow : Chris Tomlin featuring Audrey Assad

I heard this last Christmas – another haunting melody with meaning. A perfect song for those days when the world is blanketed in white (not something we’ll ever have here though!)

The Show

Tonight is the final performance of this year’s school production, “the Importance of Being Earnest”. This comedy play, written by Oscar Wilde stars among many leading characters our two children. For my daughter it’s her first major role. For my son it follows on from a minor leading role in “The Hunchback of Notredame” at his last school.
The first night reviews were good and with both getting praise from colleagues.
We’re looking forward to seeing the show and will hopefully post some pictures after the performance (after 7:30pm GMT / 10:30pm local).




Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone But Not Forgotten (Holidays)

A submission to this week’s photo challenge (GBNF). This was a challenge to find one photo from each of our main holidays over the past 19 years since we were married (and some of the minor ones too!). This post has taken so long to put together the challenge has moved on – so it is gone but not forgotten.

1995: Crete

Honeymoon (21c)

1996: Scotland

1997: France (Brittany)


1998: Derbyshire

Inside the Nook

1999: France & Cornwall (Milennium)

Hol 1999 (16)-1
34 - Mel is 27-1

2000: Spain



2001: Devon

Devon 005

2002: France


2003: Devon

Devon 031

2004: France, Denmark & Weston-Super-Mare

Copenhagen 068a


2005: Italy, Cornwall & France

Trevi 008b


Longpont 013

2006: Czech Republic, Gambia & Lanzarote

Prague 248

22 Lamin Lodge 027

19 Puerto Calero 014

2007: France

02 Le Pas Opton 071

2008: Yorkshire


2009: Dorset & Scotland

01 Appartment 006

Scotland 404

2010: France & Derbyshire

2011: Estonia & Wales

Day 2 (127)03 Down (26)

2012: Olympics


2013: Vietnam/Cambodia & Lake District

Elephant Trek - Yok Don - Vietnam 10

Angkor Wat View

Angkor Wat View

Derwentwater 19 (1)

2014: Cornwall, Cheddar & Serengeti

Newquay (445)Cheddar (26)