Songs of Christmas: Day 5 – Little Drummer Boy

Each year I start playing Christmas Music from the start of December.

Each day until Christmas (in addition to my other posts) I will post a link to a video of one of the Christmas tunes on my iPod. Some will be carols, others pop songs. Here is my 5th offering:

Day 5

Bing Crosby & David Bowie: Little Drummer Boy

A surreal combination of 40’s Crooner and 70’s Glam Rock Star made for an interesting Christmas song. The kids are singing this one tonight as a duo at the Boarder’s Christmas Dinner Dance.

As with all Christmas songs there are several versions, this is one I particularly like

Whiteheart: Little Drummer Boy





One response to “Songs of Christmas: Day 5 – Little Drummer Boy

  1. 2 great versions for the price of 1! Loved the gentle melodious Crosby/Bowie version. What a great voice Bowie had! Also the drum beat throughout the Whiteheart version with the picture on the screen – so apt for the ‘Eastern’ backing. You’re really bringing in some Christmas spirit!


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