Carols on the Equator

It’s hot, sunny and 28°C AS I write this blog on the 5th December. I’m sitting on the verandah overlooking the garden and listening to Christmas Music on iTunes.
IMG_9685.JPG It’s all very strange as I sit just 2°S of the equator. After almost 50 years of cold northern Decembers my brain finds it hard to comprehend. It’s 4:45pm and broad daylight another anachronism of this time of year. Especially strange are the news reports of sub-zero temperatures and snow on the way in the UK.
I am happy here in the heat, even with a small amount of December sunburn from yesterday’s Sport’s Day, but I will miss the snow especially after last year’s snowless winter
It’s a surreal life perched on the equator at Christmas.

You can see videos of some of the Christmas tunes in various blogs each day in December.

One response to “Carols on the Equator

  1. Must feel strange,Lincoln busy today as Christmas Market is on. Temp for us is 5.7c and expected to go to -5 over night with frost. Enjoy the heat – brrrr.

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