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Weekly Photo Challenge : Converge in Scotland

A submission to this Week’s Photo Challenge: Converge

The road converges, The Sea and the Mountains converge as do the Mountains and the Sky above. Taken in the Scottish Highlands in October 2009

The road to the sea

The road to the sea

Christmas Tree Close Up

Not able or wanting to get a traditional Christmas Tree we decided on a more local tree – a Palm in place of a Spruce. Simply decorated in LED lights I love the way the fronds cast shadows on the wall as the lights illuminate the branches.







IMG_9674.JPGI hope the tree does well in the corner of our living room – it is near two windows so I should do. After all potted palms were once all the rage in the UK


Songs of Christmas: Day 1 – O Little Town of Bethlehem

Each year I start playing Christmas Music from the start of December.

Each day until Christmas (in addition to my other posts) I will post a link to a video of one of the Christmas tunes on my iPod. Some will be carols, others pop songs. Here is my first offering:

Day 1

Jars of Clay : O Little Town of Bethlehem

This is one of my favorite Christmas songs of recent years – I like because it is such a different rendition to the usual version of the Carol.