Maybe because it’s we’re far from the UK. Maybe the surreal weather. Maybe just because it’s a quiet weekend but we decided to put our decorations up.
Usually we wait until December 1st but today is Advent Sunday so the beginning of the run up to Christmas.

We brought lights with us when we flew out but no other decorations, even so we are happy with the display. In place of a traditional tree, yesterday I bought a palm and a large pot (quite Victorian) and we decorated this evening. The rest of the room has strings of lights of blue, purple and green.
Back in MK we had lights outside fed through gaps in the windows – here in Mwanza the mosquito netting prohibits such action so they are all inside. In our home corner some locally bought colour changing led candles complete the effect. Sadly no baubles or tinsel but a Christmas display nonetheless.
Of course Christmas is so much more than lights and decorations, but it is part of our way of celebrating one of the most important times of year for Christians, the birth of Christ! Though the origins of lights and trees is not necessarily a Christian one, our lights reflect the belief as Christians that Jesus is the Light of the World.

One response to “Decorating

  1. Aw how cute!!! The lights came out great!


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