A Month to Go

A month to day it will be Christmas and in 5 weeks time the year will be done. Where has all the time gone?
Not so long ago we were packing our cases ready to leave the UK, now we are less than three weeks to the end of our first term here and November is running out fast. The temperature is the only constant – still baking hot as I walked into town after work – struggling to comprehend the date. IMG_9573-0.PNG
In fact it doesn’t seem Christmassy yet. Though I do plan to start playing Christmas Music on my iPod from Monday and put the decorations up (that we have got). The rain’s held off today though it promises to be very wet week next week according to the forecast – perfect for Sport’s Day next Thursday. The following week is the Last week of term – the kids are in the School Show -“The Importance of Being Earnest”,

IMG_9572.PNG There is the Staff Christmas Party on the Monday , followed strangely by a Public Holiday on the Tuesday. Three days later we break up. Time is flying and there’s no sign of slowing down.

3 responses to “A Month to Go

  1. I like the ‘Sharp’ reference by the time on the flyer as well: “The importance of being on time!”


  2. Hope Wild’s production is a great success too 🙂


  3. It must seem strange to have Nov so very hot, would love to have seen the school production. Parcel arrived last week thanks. 😑

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