The Dreaded Lurgy

It had to happen in the end I suppose but the female side of the house have gone down with tummy bugs. Anita was first last night followed by Bex this morning. Where it came from we don’t know, but out here away from the hermetically sealed life we lived in the UK we are going to be prone to more illnesses. A lot of colleagues and their families have gone down with stuff whilst we have remained immune. One colleague was off for two weeks with something. The truth is that bugs and bacteria are more prevalent in Tanzania – not the deadly kind like Ebola – plain ‘common all garden’ sickness bugs, and of course Malaria – not fatal to us but not nice either. Thankfully neither Anita or Bex have anything dangerous but both have exhibited the usual symptoms of gastroenteritis and have spent the majority of the day in bed. The masculine side remains thankfully fit and healthy. I for one am pleased about that.
One advantage being here is we do employ a house worker to do the routine tasks – so it wasn’t as bad as it might be in the UK. Even so after work (and the running club which I and others help run for students) I needed to go into town to the bank to draw cash (we live in a completely cash society here!) and then some shopping (bleach, Dettol and shampoo) then straight to language school! Arriving home at 7:15pm.
Thankfully the girls were well enough for me to be able to go to the weekly ‘Boy’s Night’ Meal we have with other colleagues on a Thursday. Returning home at 10pm both are back in bed and asleep. Hopefully, they are on the mend now – we’ll just gave to see if it’s catching!

5 responses to “The Dreaded Lurgy

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  2. I do pray Anita and Bekah feel so much better in the morning and that neither you or Matt go down with it.


  3. Get well soon Anita & Beks, and stay well Graham & Mathew. 📉 💊.


  4. Hope they are completely well soon and you and Matt don’t go down with it!


  5. Thoughts and prayers with you, ladies for a speedy recovery. 🙏👏👍😊


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