Saturday Morning Ritual


Most Saturday mornings I like to sit out on the Verandah and watch the garden. The weather is always warm – usually sunny and the bird life is amazing. Everyone else is asleep so it’s my time away from the hustle and bustle of weekly life. It’s become a routine and a great way to start the day. A cafetière of fresh ground coffee or hibiscus tea have become the drinks of choice. The camera is there just in case I see something. I have tried to capture the garden visitors along the way from Cape Robin Chat to Sunbirds to African Paradise Fly-catcher and everything in between.

Cape Robin Chat

Cape Robin Chat



African Paradise Flycatcher

African Paradise Flycatcher

Sometimes I have the laptop and use the time to catch up with news both personal and international.It’s a great start to the weekend!



However you start your Saturday have a great day!

3 responses to “Saturday Morning Ritual

  1. It’s 7-40am and enjoying a morning ‘cuppa’ and later to sainsbugs and a sewing afternoon to follow. What a lovely way for you to start the weekend. 😑 ☕️

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  2. You paint a lovely picture of African paradise! Here in UK it’s still possible to sit outside in warm sunshine but not first thing in the morning! But we are enjoying this amazing Summer’s reluctance to leave us.

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  3. Lovely way to start the weekend! 😊 Enjoy!


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