We have always taken water for granted in the UK. You turn on a tap and out comes water for washing, drinking or cleaning. In the UK ut is reliable and clean.
Here in Tanzania, although we do have to go through the rigmarole of boiling, cooling and filtering the water for drinking, what comes out the taps is fine for washing and cleaning. So far it has been reliable and plentiful. Until today that is. IMG_9339.JPGIMG_9340.JPG

Today the water pressure is low to non- existent. My morning shower was a dribble and the tap water is little more and as declined during the day. Apparently this is true across the compound. Luckily we have bottled water for drinks – just hoping it comes back soon – it could get a bit smelly and there are still holiday clothes to washIMG_9338.JPG

4 responses to “Water

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  3. Life is so different


  4. Hope you get your water supply back on soon. If not it is clothes pegs at the ready.


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