Siafu are the really big ants you get out here. They form long marching trails which wind along the ground foraging for food. Food can be anything from a hapless bug or beetle which gets in the way to much larger prey. We have had a number of Siafu visits already. I can personally testify that the bites are very unpleasant. Twice one of the beast has found its way up my trouser leg choosing to bite somewhere on the upper thigh.
Last night at about 2am as Anita was returning from baby sitting (having earlier relieved our daughter from duties) we discovered a whole line running alongside the house past our front door – fearing a diversion into the house there followed a frantic grinding up of sugar to a powder which we them mixed with bicarbonate of soda. This mixture results in ant death as they ingest the mix (unable to distinguish the compounds). The bicarb interacts with the ants own folic acid resulting in a gaseous explosion.
This morning the ants were gone – though they had only moved a few metres out. They appear to be raising our rubbish pit – perhaps for the leftover and left out mince we had to discard on Saturday!








2 responses to “Siafu

  1. Siafus are brutal. Pole!


  2. Ants in your pants! Yikes! Doesn’t bear thinking about! Or exploding ants! One of the’perks’ of your new job? Hairy (itchy) pics!


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