Washed Out

Yesterday it finally happened my daily blog ritual ended 😦
I have a good excuse though – me!
From out of nowhere I found my energy draining away as the day wore on. I know not why it happened I was drinking and eating enough and I hAve been sleeping well enough. It might have been the heat or maybe I was just fighting some bug . Either way, by 2pm I was completely washed out. I was able to leave work a little early and do something which has always done the trick – sleep. Most of the evening and all night.
As I lie here in the dawn listening to the rain pour down and the thunder rumble I feel a lot better. There are no Cover Supervisors here (yesterday I was lucky to have 6th Form lessons after lunch) so I’ll be going into work.
The power cut to start the day is a challenge, the early morning storm will have washed out more of the roads no doubt.

Here’s to a more energetic day!

2 responses to “Washed Out

  1. Sorry to hear you have been feeling under the weather, just take it easy next few days and enjoy your break away. Praying!


  2. Praying healing and rest for you, bro. Take care 😊


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