In the Long Run

Tonight was the running club at school. I am one of the staff involved and tonight I foolishly accepted the challenge of running with the 5K students. After all I have run lots of 5K runs over the past two years and was regularly running up to 10K by myself in the UK. Big mistake!
Given my last post I probably should have known better. I started off OK but soon lost pace. The heat, the humidity and the undulating terrains were taking it’s toll. Downhill was fine but the last half of the race was all uphill and I committed the cardinal sin and stopped. As it happens I had taken a wrong turn and my distance was only 4K. Truth is I need to run more and get myself back in shape it’s amazing to think how quickly you lose stamina – even given the other excuses factors. I need to get back into running and the half term break gives me a good excuse. I will not let this beat me! I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again!


One response to “In the Long Run

  1. A brave effort, given your so recent malaise! You’ll do better next time!


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