Perminant Summer but Signs of Spring in October

It’s possibly the start of the rainy season now – not that we’ve had much rain yet – though we have had some big downpours. However, yesterday was cloudless blue and very hot. For a newbie from the UK it’s a bit strange. Life here seems to my cold Northern brain to be a permanent summer. Even the rain we’ve had is more reminiscent of a summer storm than a winter deluge. Day after day the temperatures range from a daytime low of 25°C to 32°C – yesterday might have been hotter.
To be in October and enjoying such temperatures is strange. In my last school we close the ICT rooms when it got to 30°C – here I’d never teach if we followed that directive.
Of course we’re in the Southern Hemisphere (only just at 2.5°S!) and so we are technically moving into the hotter time of the year – though I don’t think there’s much difference.

What is clear is that the birds are starting to nest; gathering twigs, grasses etc and starting to display a little. In that sense it is Spring, which makes sense. I suppose this activity must be a response to the rains to come. Personally I’d be pleased if the rains held off a little until Half Term when we’re planning a short break away – details to follow 🙂

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