A Spot of Gardening

Our garden is looking a bit bare in places. So we thought it about time we spruced it up a bit. Just like on a Sunday in Britain we paid a visit to the Garden Centre.
Unlike the UK these are plots of land along the Airport Road and adjacent to the lake. Here people grow and sell plants of various sorts. Thankfully unlike Frosts, Dobbies or Wyevale there is none of the other paraphernalia – not even a coffee shop 🙂

We wandered through the neat rows of potted plants selecting from a variety of flowering and foliage plants. Eventually we selected 4 plants we liked including two Hibiscus. It turned out one plant belonged to a different gardener. No problems it seems because they simply paid one another out of the reasonable fee we were charged (20000TzS). They then both threw in a free plant each as a gift. Not something I have experienced at Frosts et al.

They were going to be a trouble to carry back to the compound and so our gardening friends hired a taxi and off we shot home.
Borrowing a shovel and assisted by Steve one of the Askaris we planted the various Flora and borrowed a hose to water in.

Here’s hoping for a brighter future garden.

5 responses to “A Spot of Gardening

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  2. Lovely plants,I had a Hibicus plant as a pot plant but it didn’t live well in a English climate. Much better in the temperature it is supposed to be in.

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  3. New plants look wonderful! They’ll bring real pleasure as they grow! Looking forward to seeing their progress! 🌷🌹😊

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  4. And a beautiful future view to look out on!

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