Hospital Trip

Three days ago Anita tripped and fell. In so doing she bashed her arm. Her left arm! The arm she had previously broken!
Initially she did not think too much of it but as time has gone by the pain has intensified and it has become very tender. Luckily we have medical insurance out here (the kids and I get it with my job but we pay extra for Anita). So today after much deliberation we went to the local CF Health Clinic. IMG_9122.JPGThey advised an X-Ray and so we found our way to the Mwananchi Hospital.IMG_9121.JPG
IMG_9119.JPG there were queues of people and a bureaucratic process which involved a trip to separate counters.


IMG_9117-0.JPGThen back to the CF clinic to speak to the doctor. The process was actually quite fast perhaps because we were Insured.

Luckily no bones broken Just some soft tissue bruising.

2 responses to “Hospital Trip

  1. So pleased that there were no bones broken, Anita. Huge relief. God’s healing and blessing on you, Anita and and you all.


  2. O poor Anita! Do hope the pain subsides soon. Glad you could get seen fairly quickly in spite of the red tape! What you describe sounds like would have taken much longer in a UserK hospital! At least you’ve had opportunity to sus out the hospital system. Hope twill be a long time before you have to use it again!

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