Being Introduced To Dinner

For those of you who are vegetarian this story might be shocking. For me it has been a surprise.

We are away for the weekend on the shores of Lake Victoria with the boarders at Isamilo. The food has been good and it has been nice to eat meat, something we have generally eaten less of whilst here as it is fairly expensive and hard to source. I like meat but even so I am unlikely to eat the roast goat we are being served tonight. This entirely due to the fact I can here it bleating as I write this!
This morning a group were dispatched to get a goat. This did not bother me as I expected to see the meat and not the animal. Yet when they returned they were leading two goats – I was taken by surprise – one of the beast nuzzled me – it was a shock.
Like many people I compartmentalise my meat. In my head I know that beef is cow and pork is pig, but I choose to disassociate the two. When confronted with your dinner alive and kicking those barriers are immediately dissolved and it’s quite disconcerting. In the UK it is very easy to separate meat from animal. Here in Tanzania it is less so. Behind me two chickens are clucking – they too will form part of dinner. I am refusing to look at either goats or chickens. Weirdly I had a beef burger for lunch and I will probably eat the portions of per prepared beef tonight. I will not be eating goat -I cannot bring myself to do so.
I will not be turning veggie – but it has certainly given me pause for thought.

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