Camping by the Lake

This weekend we have left Mwanza and travelled a short distance up the coast at a place called St Dominic’s Annex Beach. We are here with the school borders on a camping weekend. Given this morning’s weather this is either brave or foolhardy.
Having said that it’s nice to leave the town and experience a little bit of rural Tanzania.
Currently the borders sure help ping to prepare an evening meal (Spaghetti Bolognaise)

There are numerous bugs here attracted by the light, otherwise it’s a lovely spot and provided you keep away from the strip lights it’s fine.

There have been signs of a storm way out across the lake and I would really like to see one for real (rain free of course).

Some pics when the reception improves.


One response to “Camping by the Lake

  1. I hope you get the storm you would like but without the rain, it would be spectacular. Hoping you dont get bitten too much by all the bugs,

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