A Cat’s Tail

This morning there was a kitten up a tree at school. This was obviously a stray and very frightened. A work colleague expressed an interest in it (they have a cat already), but work prevailed. The day wore on and it was still up there late into the morning. So Anita took it home!
As lovely as it might be to have a cat – I have never been into pets and so I have said no. I’m the ogre! The vet’s bills and the need to be in to look after it at this age are off-putting. We’re due to be away this weekend and also at half term!An older cat maybe, but not a kitten.

Fast forward to this evening.

It turns out the work colleague has also had a no from their partner. So we’re left, for now, with a cat – hoping that another colleague might be interested. The kids are pleased for tonight at least. I much less so 😦 I have a bad feeling about this….,,


3 responses to “A Cat’s Tail

  1. Wat’s all the fuss about, cats are independant, ok so u have to put back a few pennies for the unexpected vet bill, but it teaches responsibility and money management, so if Matty and Becka want to keep Kitty, then maybe they cud save some of their pocket money to share in the cost?? Cat’s the easiest pets to look after and a good replacement for the hamsters????


  2. Needs a lot of careful thought m’thinks !!


  3. Umm… I’m with you 😦 Hope that cat finds a great home though; perhaps, just someone else’s.


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