Itchy Feet

I’ve been here just over 5 weeks and I’ve got itchy feet
No I’m not looking to leave and move on. I literally have itchy feet or rather I have itchy ankles.
The reason for this is insects! They bite a lot here and it’s the ankles they have tended to go for. It’s my own fault in some ways. The weather is hot and outside of work I wear shorts and sandals. I probably don’t use enough repellant. I have found the late afternoon is probably the worst time. I’m not quite sure who the culprits are but probably either mosquitos or ants. At the risk of putting people of their Sunday morning breakfast or lunch here are photos of my shorts feet and ankles.

The shorts incidentally were tailor-made on the market yesterday from
kitengi cloth. I have a matching shirt too though wearing both looks like pyjamas. They are well made.


2 responses to “Itchy Feet

  1. I had experienced the same thing in Goa recently. My god, it itched like hell! I tried using mosquite repellant creams but didn’t work. In the end i resorted to neem oil because in Malaysia, we brush neem leaves to alleviate chicken pox itch. True enough, the neem oil worked well and the itch stopped the following day.Hope you’re able to get neem oil over there. Else, use aloe vera then.


  2. I think that those are more like longs than shorts (pun intended!) Hope the itchyness soon goes away.


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