Pterodactyl in our Garden

Sitting in the garden at our bench last night and eating dinner we heard an eerie laughing sound. It was manic and not unlike a hyena. It wasn’t but then through the gloom a creature landed on the branch of our tree. There in the gathering dusk it sat – peering up it looked almost as if a pterodactyl had just flown in from prehistory. Of course it wasn’t but it was the strangest bird we had yet seen. We assumed this was the bird behind the sound. It had a great crest on it’s head and a long bill. It sat squat on the branch and peered down at us.
Research on the net revealed it to be a Hamerkop.


Pterodactyl? no  Hamerkop!


Hamerkop – Crest Down


Blurred View from other side – Hamerkop

4 responses to “Pterodactyl in our Garden

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  2. Life is full of surprises in Mwanza! You never know what’s going to land in your garden next! What a magnificent bird! What colour(s) is it?


  3. Interesting looking bird


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