So far life here has been pleasant and the people friendly. We have enjoyed walking into town and chatting to the locals, visiting the market and exploring our new home. Anita has particularly enjoyed the experience of getting out and about.

We have now been here over a month but today things changed a little. Anita was robbed!

Thankfully, she was unscathed and only lost a possession. Nonetheless it’s the sentimental value of an item much cherished – in this case her flute. Walking in town from Isamilo School to her language class she was robbed from behind. Her flute was in the bag as part of a busy day which was culminating in a rehearsal for a concert this weekend. The thief approached from behind pulled out the case and ran (not knowing it’s contents I am certain). Very quickly he was apprehended by local youths – who called the police. Anita then spent time in the station filling out paperwork. The miscreant has as yet not owned up to the location of the flute and it’s whereabouts remain unknown.

Justice is swift here and the youths appear to have given him a beating for his troubles. Nonetheless he remains unwilling to divulge more, He was apprehended in a large field so he could have put it anywhere or else others have seized the item. He remains in jail overnight and Anita  must return tomorrow to see what has happened, Most people here seem confident the item will turn up so we remain cautiously hopeful – but even so Anita remains shaken.

This has not put us off Tanzania or Mwanza – but we need to be even more cautious in future. This was an opportunistic crime and we need to make sure it doesn’t happen again!

3 responses to “Robbed

  1. Dear Longs sorry to hear about your flute! But so wonderful to read all about your adventures so far. I am so very jealous, but also thrilled for you. LOL Marie Wisheart


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