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Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance (Through Time)

These pictures are examples of buildings that have endured the ravages of time and are a submission to this weeks photo challenge.


Monopoly Money

Buying anything here is a little like playing Monopoly. The largest note in Tanzania is the 10000 TzSh Note. Given that a bottle of beer costs between 2000 TzSh and 3000 TzSh and a meal out costs about 20000 TzSh per person and the fact that everything here is cash payment – there’s always a lot of notes.
The Tanzanian currency is such that 10000 TzSh is about £3.65.

Although many things are much cheaper than in the UK in general, imported goods are quite expensive. A local shop (U-Turn) sells British produce at inflated prices – but there some things you can’t get anywhere else. Other shops are a little cheaper or though the range is less. Even so the markets are good and sell fruit and veg at good prices – obviously the quality is variable and so you need to choose carefully. Mostly we send our house worker who gets better prices than us ‘Mzungus’ – even though I don’t have problem with paying a little more. We bought a whole tub of tomatoes on Sunday for 4000 TzSh, my shoes cost 2000 TzSh to repair (though I paid 6000 TzSh).

When pay day comes – as poor as my wages will be compared to the UK, I will still be a Tanzanian Millionaire  which means less than it would in the UK (£365 to be exact). Even so this is immense compared to the average citizen and so with this comes great responsibility as mentioned in an earlier blog.
One thing I do wonder though is why they don’t have a 20000 TzSh or 50000 TzSh notes?


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