Bismarck Rock

After a month here we had yet to visit Bismarck Rock, until today that was.

Bismarck Rock is probably Mwanza’s best known landmark. A place featured on all the posters for this town. It is an impressive rock formation with a seemingly impossible stone perched upon a slab on the shores of the lake.

The place is a magnet for married couples who go there for their wedding photos. There were at least three couples there this evening all getting there snaps done as sunset approached.

Earlier the place was filled with Maribu Storks – ugly birds but intriguing nonetheless. We got as close as we ever had this afternoon. We also took in a drink at You Long (Yum Long) Chinese Restaurant a place with great views of the lake.






4 responses to “Bismarck Rock

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  3. What a paradise! And you live there! Well I s’pose someone has to! Amazing photos!


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