Daily Archives: September 20, 2014

Bismarck Rock

After a month here we had yet to visit Bismarck Rock, until today that was.

Bismarck Rock is probably Mwanza’s best known landmark. A place featured on all the posters for this town. It is an impressive rock formation with a seemingly impossible stone perched upon a slab on the shores of the lake.

The place is a magnet for married couples who go there for their wedding photos. There were at least three couples there this evening all getting there snaps done as sunset approached.

Earlier the place was filled with Maribu Storks – ugly birds but intriguing nonetheless. We got as close as we ever had this afternoon. We also took in a drink at You Long (Yum Long) Chinese Restaurant a place with great views of the lake.






British Bubble?

In many ways my weekly life is lived inside a “British Bubble”.

Here in Tanzania yet working in an International School; teaching Tanzanians but working with an English Curriculum (albeit an International one). My colleagues are mainly British; although I have Irish, French, Italian, Australian, Kenyan, Ugandan, Zimbabwean and Tanzanian colleagues too. It’s a friendly group and we have various social activities week by week and a regular “Boys Night” on Thursday evenings. Life is definitely different in school (monkeys in the playground is a sign we are most certainly abroad), but there is a familiarity in daily routines.

Our house on the compound is lovely

and in our garden the birds are as sign of our tropical clime.

And then there’s the heat!

The temperature here is like that of a permanent hot English Summer’s day. Nights are warm (we don’t need a duvet only a single sheet) – so absolutely not British in that sense.

Even so other than the walk to work, the weekends and an occasional foray into town in the week I don’t get to experience Tanzania proper.
Anita has a much different experience which I hope she will blog at some point. Her Kiswahili is coming on strongly and she is making almost daily trips into town, engaging with our new house worker (who is excellent by the way). In a sense she is having a much more authentic African experience.

None of the above is by way of complaint or even frustration, just a recognition of fact. As the weekend dawns I, for one am looking forward to a trip into town.

Further ahead the half term holiday  and a chance to leave Mwanza and explore another part of Tanzania. More on this when we have confirmed what we hope to go.