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Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance

A submission to this Week’s Photo Challenge on the subject of Endurance

These pictures taken on our trek through the Ratanakiri Rainforest in Cambodia last summer. This was the hottest, sweatiest, most exhausting two days of my life – definitely an endurance – but worth it.


We might never return to the UK!

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Originally posted on Tanza-Longs:
T minus 120 Time to face the truth – this could be the last 120 days we ever spend in the UK! When we fly out to Tanzania we might not return….. United Kingdom – Union…

Friday Night Dip

It’s become a bit of a routine. After work on a Friday to go for a dip in the pool. It’s been a great way to end a week. Given that I haven’t yet found the energy or the time to go for a run this might be my best bet for a bit of exercise, although I have just signed up for the after school doubles badminton group on a Tuesday too :-).

Tonight I went with the intention of swimming 20 x 25m lengths and ended up doing 40 (therefore 1km). I can’t say my time was fast – and I took breaks every 10 lengths – it took approx an hour but it was some exercise. For a short while I shared the pool with a young cormorant – somewhat lost I imagine. Other than that it was unusually quiet – I imagine the earlier thunderstorm / downpour put people off – but the weather was sunny and clear.

It was a great way to end the week – though it’s amazing to think we’re at the end of week 3 of term already and have been here 4 weeks tomorrow alreadyIMG_8610