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Swimming in a Pool … By the Sea … (Actually a Giant Lake)

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So, as the title suggests, I went swimming in a pool next to lake Victoria. It was pretty cool as from a certain angle it almost looked as if it was part of the lake. Some other teachers went also with their families so we spent the day either swimming with the children of them or talking to the adults. As shown in the bottom right corner of the image, There was a small area within the pool where you could purchase drinks at a bar whilst still sitting in water. The pool itself was great as it was extremely deep (I would stand at the deepest point and have to stretch my arms to touch the side). This allowed me to perfect my diving abilities and manage to do more dare-devilish activities like diving vertically down. So far this is my favorite swimming pool of the ones I’ve been…

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Malaika Beach Resort

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Life isn’t always like this but working here at Isamilo has given us access to some fabulous places such as Malaika Beach Resort on the shores of Lake Victoria. We have spent a glorious afternoon here enjoying the infinity pool. We met some colleagues here (great minds think alike). If you are in the region this is a definite place to come and at 69000 TSh (approx £25) for 4 a good bargain. Not something for every week but an occasional treat.










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Amazing – today this blog surpassed 30000 views. This in just about 7 months.
Thanks to all those visitors from across the planet who have bothered to take an interest in our adventure. Now we are here in Africa we look forward to sharing some of the things we are doing here. Look out for the Wildlife Pages coming soon.