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Today was a difficult day and after a lot of deliberation Anita and I came to a very difficult decision.

For the last two weeks we have had two house workers – one recommended to us by a fellow teacher, another her relative who she asked us to help her (since there was so much to do). Sadly things have not worked out as we hoped and after a series of events we came to our decision and dismiss them.

This was no rash decision. In order of the events which preempted our decision

  1. We “lost” two eating knives
  2. A roll of aluminium foil disappeared
  3. Bread disappeared from the fridge (we allowed them to have some but more went)
  4. A cabbage was eaten for lunch with no permission
  5. Anita found one of her language books had been written in by obviously Tanzanian handwriting

So this morning I stayed behind and left later for work. They arrived at 8 and we requested their key back, paid them off and terminated their employment.

I am pretty certain that the younger girl was the issue, but as they came together we had to dismiss both. In the end it was a complete breakdown in trust.

It’s not a nice thing to do, but it had to be done. We will now need to select a new house worker which is hassle, but there you go.

3 responses to “Dismissed

  1. A difficult decision to make, but you have to be able to trust people that you let into your house when you are not there.


  2. So sorry it came to that but understandable on both sides. Hope you’re able to replace the two girls as quickly as possible. 😊


  3. Difficult to have to do that, I ‘m sure you consider it carefully. Let’s hope you find someone else quickly.


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