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Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure at Sea

A submission to this week’s photo challenge on the theme of Adventure

Back in 1992 I had the privilege of travelling across the North Sea in a Tall Ship – Morning Star. This was one of the most adventurous holidays I have had, especially as the crossing was somewhat rough – exhilarating as much as it was scary. You can find out more if you click the link

View from the top of the Mast

View from the top of the Mast

Circling Above

T + 17

Last night we had an amazing. spectacle above our house close to sunset as a dozen or more Black Kites swooped and swirled above our heads.
I am used to seeing Kites – in the UK it’s the Red Kite which circles the skies in ones or twos harried by crows. Their cries echoing out across the playgrounds above my old school in Thame and soaring over the hills on my way home to MK. These kites circled silently the only noise from
The chattering birds below and a distant Imam calling the faithful to prayer. Then the scene was broken by the raucous squawks of three Ibises on their way to roost.