Made In China

T + 16

“You can find almost anything in Mwanza if you look hard enough!” or so they say. We have been able to source additional cutlery, crockery, cooking utensils, an iron, toaster and kettle along with a variety of baking trays, an airer, pegs and baskets etc etc etc.

However, one of the issues is build quality. Although there is a range of product – there is a lot which is mass produced import from China. It is true to say items are relatively cheap but they need to work. We had to return / replace the kettle, the bath mat for inside the bath is useless (not gripping but sliding around.

In my youth I remember the phrase “Made In China” as being a sign of cheap mass produced and low quality product – unfortunately the meaning remains the same today.

3 responses to “Made In China

  1. Yup, still true that stuff Made in China are of poor quality – prices are affordable but they don’t last long.


  2. I know it’s often said in Tanzania that stuff made in China is rubbish. However, I think it is just that the people are mostly poor, and they can only afford cheap stuff. The reality is that most of the stuff we buy in the richer parts of the world is also made in China.


  3. Disappointing but understandable about build quality 😞 Hope not all are Made in China quality.


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