HELP!!! Animals are in my Wallet!

Interesting way of blogging from one of the family


Tanzanimage Blog 12

As I get money for school days and whenever I’m in town, I now recognise what the notes look like. Most of them have a different African animal printed on it (e.g. a lion on a 2000 shilling note, a rhino on a 5000 shilling note and an elephant on a 10,000 shilling note). I think that the notes are more interesting than the UK notes because most of the people depicted are unknown to me. I also probably like them more because I have been used to seeing them for many years. Hopefully I’ll find some more interesting money whilst I’m here

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One response to “HELP!!! Animals are in my Wallet!

  1. I’m sure that you’ll keep ‘note’ of all the different types you’ll come across, Matt! 😉


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