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Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure on Two Wheels

A submission to this week’s photo challenge on the theme of Adventure.

Just over a year ago I was visiting Angkor Wat in Cambodia – unlike most visitors who were confined to Tuk Tuks, we went on mountain bikes courtesy of Grasshopper Tours – I would heartily recommend this as you get to visit temples deep in the jungle that others don’t get to see,


What an adventure it was!

HELP!!! Animals are in my Wallet!

Interesting way of blogging from one of the family


Tanzanimage Blog 12

As I get money for school days and whenever I’m in town, I now recognise what the notes look like. Most of them have a different African animal printed on it (e.g. a lion on a 2000 shilling note, a rhino on a 5000 shilling note and an elephant on a 10,000 shilling note). I think that the notes are more interesting than the UK notes because most of the people depicted are unknown to me. I also probably like them more because I have been used to seeing them for many years. Hopefully I’ll find some more interesting money whilst I’m here

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Saturday in Mwanza

T + 14

Two weeks ago we arrived in Mwanza – it seems like we’ve been here forever. Last night we met with a whole bunch of expats, mostly Americans but with a few Brits and Canadians and Germans. All are Christian development workers who meet on the first Friday in the month for food and fellowship. It was a great time and a good chance to meet other folk.
After a long first week of teaching it was nice to have a bit of a lay in today.
Just after 9:30 we met with a carpenter who is going to make a bench for us, for the patio – our neighbours Stéfan and Rachel had one made and we like the design – should we with us midweek.
Then it was into town with another neighbour friend Aletta for a bit of shopping.
Mwanza is a busy town with a variety of shops but first stop was a local café to meet John and John. These Tanzanian guys met Anita and neighbour Liz yesterday. They are artists who do work to sell and provide support to a local orphanage. . Anita had been given to paintings overnight with a desire to buy one and return the other today. As skeptical as I was initially they both seemed really genuine guys. IMG_8710-0.JPG
After coffee and cake we set off around town – the main items included a toaster (I miss toast!) and surge protectors, saucepans, tea strainer (loose leaf tea here), material for making some clothes for the family (we have commissioned a tailor).



After a few hours of walking we ended up at the only ice cream parlour in town.

IMG_8700.JPGHere we met Joel one of the folk at last night’s meeting, who kindly gave us a lift home.