Monkey Business


It’s not every day that you come out of the Staff Room and encounter a troup of monkeys bounding across the roof, or look out of your classroom door and see the same monkey troop sauntering through the grounds and opening up the rubbish bins for food. Such is life here at Isamilo School. In so many ways my daily job is as ever, bar the aging technology. However, you really feel you are in Africa when you see sights such as these.

5 responses to “Monkey Business

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  4. Amazing! Ants one day, monkeys the next! 🙂


  5. Heather Sandiford

    We had a similar experience this week when we visited Monkey Forest near Stoke on Trent. So if anyone in the UK wants to see monkeys at close quarters, roaming free in 155 acres of woods is the place to start looking!

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