Daily Archives: September 5, 2014

Weekly Photo Challenge: Tanzanian Adventure

This week’s challenge is an easy one for us – yet so  difficult. We are living the adventure of a life time in our new life here in Tanzania – but what photo do we choose to summarise what we’re doing is a tough one for us.

I have looked through the many amazing photos I have taken already of the wildlife, flowers, lake and rock. All are great but in themselves reflect only part of the adventure not the whole.

So in the end I have chosen two photos.

The first  is something simple and awesome. This cake kindly made by a friend for our surprise going away party before we left is what I have selected. Created to wish us a safe journey on our adventure.



A second image reflecting the poignancy of our trip is the balloon given to us on our other going away party and brought to the airport on our departure – along with the family who waved us off two weeks ago. We have headed off on our adventure leaving others behind.IMG_8552

Monkey Business


It’s not every day that you come out of the Staff Room and encounter a troup of monkeys bounding across the roof, or look out of your classroom door and see the same monkey troop sauntering through the grounds and opening up the rubbish bins for food. Such is life here at Isamilo School. In so many ways my daily job is as ever, bar the aging technology. However, you really feel you are in Africa when you see sights such as these.